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I would like to welcome you to Inform and Engage Official Website. My name is Big Irv.

I currently attend college where I am pursing a BS in Information Technology while working full-time. I consider myself to be in the Information Technology field by trait and a caring human being by heart. What can I say, I am a Pisces. I have always loved to stay up-to-date and informed about current events. I also love to help people. I guess you can accredit that to my parents. I believe that knowledge is power, information is essential and for the best possible outcome for everyone it should be shared freely and abundantly. I guess you can say that is partial why I decided to create Inform and Engage. The other motivating factors for creating Inform and Engage are listed below (because everyone loves a list.)

1 – Individuals have always asked me, how is it that I know this or that? (I have reach the conclusion that this is a result of people not sharing information freely as well as their environment.)

2 – I have found that usually people don’t notice how certain current events can affect them. (This maybe a result of the way that the information is presented to them.)

3 – In the past, when I have told people about events, I would overwhelm hear a common response, “What can I do about it?” (This is an understandable response. Considering that most people feel that they can’t really make a difference. I feel that everyone has a voice and can make a difference. What if the greatest leaders thought that they didn’t have a voice and couldn’t make a difference, where would society be?)

4 – Last but not least, I always ask myself, “Irv, what are you doing to make a difference?”

These 4 reasons lead me to decide that if I ever wanted to see change come about; that I would need to make it happen…and just like that Inform and Engage was created.

Inform and Engage has three main goals:
1 – Get individuals to have an open floor discussion about particular topics which should be discuss around the kitchen table but aren’t.

2 – Enable people to see the different ways that current events affect their everyday lives directly and indirectly.

3 – After people get inform, get them engaged so that they go out to create the change which we all desire.

With all of that being said, I intend to begin by creating videos and blogs about relevant current events and different things to improve individuals lives. I hope that these videos will inspire everyone to go out and make a difference, thinking freely and be a little more selfless. So now that you know a little about me and why I created Inform and Engage, go watch the videos and let’s change the world, one person at a time.


Big Irv




  1. Thank you so much for the Following of my Blog! Wishing you much success and bliss on your future endeavors!

  2. Keep up the good work on your blog 🙂

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