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March Against Monsanto

Call to Action: March Against Monsanto – Proposed Plan of Action

Monsanto is poising our food, corrupting the media & politicians. There is only one choice we have and that is to put them out of business.

In order to do so we must do the following:

  1. Inform everyone about the dangers and truth about Monsanto & GMO products, if the media won’t deliver the message then it is up to us.
  2. Unite together to fight under with one goal and collectively create a database with all the information
  3. Act and engage to put them out of business/get labels


March Against Monsanto Official Website


The World According to Monsanto   GMO Documentary

Video: March Against Monsanto – May 25th – Washington, DC


Since the Mainstream Media won’t give the news, collectively add any videos and photos found from the March Against Monsanto marches world-wide and place them in the link below


Follow March Against Monsanto & Occupy Monsanto on Facebook & Twitter.

Connect and join your local March Against Monsanto Organization (Facebook links in link below)


Use the hashtag #MarchAgainstMonsanto when referring to the Anti-Monsanto movement to show solidarity and make it trend on social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Share, Support & Promote independent trustworthy media outlets (apparently GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner & CBS can’t be trusted to deliver the news)

Sign various petitions


Political Arena

Call the President/Congress and let them know how you feel about Monsanto & GMOs

Contact Information for politicians: https://informandengage.wordpress.com/engage/take-action/

Vote Monsanto friends out of office and tell them why they are being voted out of office.

Researchers Arena

Support scientist who are doing credible research

Support credible media sources which promote credible researchers findings

Consumerism Arena

Go to Farmers Markets

Plant your own crops/food

Download Buycott App which tells you which products are created by Monsanto

Grassroots/Social Media Arena

Tell your family, friends and neighbors what you know.

Utilize social media and blogs

Create accounts and stream videos off events via video stream websites (Google Hangout, Live Stream, U-Stream)

Boycott Mainstream Media since they have been brought by Monsanto

Businesses Arena

Make Bio-tech companies put a GMO label on there products

Get non-GMO products to have Non-GMO labels to be placed on Non-GMO products


If you have any other ideas that you would like me to add, put it in the comments below.

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